Maintaining Wood Floors Introduction

With proper maintenance and daily care, a homeowner can rest assured his floors will last him a lifetime. At first glance, maintaining wood floors may look simple but in reality it is an arduous task that takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of the homeowner. He must be very careful, and read labels and instructions on the cleaning product bottles, to ensure proper use.

People must use extreme caution when listening to commercials and advertisements on various different floor care products, most of which may be construed as false advertisement. Companies who adhere to such practices are wrongfully doing so thus, must be ignored by naïve individuals, who sincerely want the best care for their floors and, who will go to great lengths to achieve their goals.

A licensed wood floor manufacturer owes duty to the consumer by making sure that he is well educated and knowledgeable about the process of proper floor care, that way, not only will the consumer be left satisfied but, the manufacturer will avoid any chances of a legal proceeding in the event the homeowner causes irreversible damage to his floors simply because the manufacturer filed to educate him properly. A great example of the former would be advising the homeowner that once the wood flooring is purchased and brought into the home, it must be kept under normal living conditions until it is unwrapped and ready for use by the installer. The Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of wood should be 6.9% to ensure exceptional quality of the wood, as such, always make sure to regulate the temperature inside your home especially in the area where wood is kept before and, in all the rooms where wood is intended for installation. Always remember, proper care of wood flooring starts with the homeowner because, once the installer has diligently done his work, he has left the premises, leaving the care. A couple of handy suggestions, always floor protectors on the legs of all furniture once ample time has passed, and it is permissible to put furniture back to its designated location in the home, never use wet mops to clean floors because water alone can actually damage the floor, rather than improve its appearance, when it dries it can leave visible residue on the floor making it unprofessionally maintained. Also, make sure to vacuum periodically because dust gathers on the floor and damages its overall quality and outward appearance. It is advised to always place door mats at the entrance of the home to ensure that any dirt or residue on your shoes remains on the mat and, not on your beautiful, properly maintained floors. Never use ammonia as an alternative cleaning product, it will surely leave a negative effect on your floors.

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